Our Team

We are dedicated in building God's Kingdom one brick at a time.

David & Dayna Neufeld


David & Dayna came with their children from Edmonton to answer the call of the Lord to come to Athabasca and Pastor this church.  Athabasca has quickly become their home and they have truly become a part of the community as a whole.  

Pastor David preaches true to the word of God and displays God's love in every message.  

Pastor David and Dayna work as a team and bring a strength collectively.  Often times Dayna will share the word and truth the Lord has shown to her on a Sunday.   They are open to all who have questions or desire to grow in Spirit and in Truth.

Marg Liknes


We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our  Elder Marg who brings a wisdom, experience, passion and influence that can only come with years of devotion to the Lord. Most importantly, Marg hears the Lord and delivers His words with accuracy and compassion. She is truly a mother to all and an example to all young women who look up to her. Marg has invested much time and prayer to individuals, ARCF and Athabasca as a whole. She is a prayer warrior to the core and loves any opportunity to pray, both corporately and in her prayer closet. We are excited to see what the Lord will do with one who brings truth and unity to wherever she goes.  

Leo & Deanna Pacholok


Leo and Deanna have served in our leadership for years and in many capacities.  Between maintenance, ushering, sound, worship, childrens ministry, flagging ministry, and everything in between.  It is not hard to see their love and passion for the body of Christ and for the Kingdom of God.  We are so blessed to have them both step into the calling of Elders in the church and are grateful for the heart and devotion to prayer and intercession as they seek the direction of the church and build up the body in truth and in unity.  

They Bring a welcoming atmosphere to our church body and have stood in the gap during times of transition and difficulty.  

Cliff Brandon


Cliff and his wife Sandy have been a long time resident of Athabasca and Cliff serves in many areas of ARCF.  He also loves the Community of Athabasca and of Aspen Ridge. Cliff offers leadership in Senior's Ministry and is often the first to volunteer for areas that need a helping hand.  As apart of our deacon team, Cliff often notices things that others don't and we appreciate his desire for the Lord to have His way and for us as a body to steward what we have been given well. 

Rod Cunanan


Rod and Lorna serve in many different areas within our body and always bring a smile to our congregation.  As apart of our Deacon team, Rod brings a perspective and a love that is a valued part of the team.  Rod and his family bring leadership to our Care ministry that actively brings the love of God to those in our community.  From hampers at Christmas to helping a family in need, Rod is always on the lookout for how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  

He is also known as our resident Bee Keeper so when you see him at the local Farmer's Market selling his honey stop in and say hi. 

Marlin Johnson


Marlin and his wife Anna have been apart of ARCF for quite some time and Marlin has offered his skills with numbers and accounting in the past as the church treasurer.  As a Deacon, he brings ideas and concepts with a different perspective and offers experience and knowledge that is very valuable to the decision making.  Marlin often shows up when we have events where we are reaching out to help in the community or in practical hands on needs.  

We are grateful for what Marlin and Anna bring to the church body.

Norma Pelletier

Deacon/ Women's Ministry 

We are so encouraged to see where our women's ministry is going.  With an emphasis on prayer and connection we are continuing to see relationships building on an ongoing basis.  
Norma has such a big heart for the women of this town and seeing women really growing together and feeling apart of a family.  She is filled with vision and a passion for women and for what God is doing in this season.  
Norma and her husband Mike are very generous with their time and resources and are quick to volunteer when there is a need.
If you would like information on what is happening for women's ministry please contact the church by e-mail and Norma will put you on her e-mail list and get you connected.

Kay Churchill

Worship Leader

Kay Churchill brings leadership and vision to our worship department and organization to our sound and media department.  Her and her husband moved here from Ontario and have made ARCF their home.  She has extensive experience in being apart of, and leading, in worship ministries and brings more than just her knowledge to the team.  With many years of experience in worship and in leadership, we are excited to see other individuals flourish and grow in this ministry.

Kay, along with others on the team, lead us in a genuine, Holy Spirit led, worship to the Lord. 

Kay has a heart for worship as well as for encouragement and the edification of the body as a whole.  

Heather Dalley

Church Secretary 

A Pastor with a dependable secretary he can trust is truly blessed.  We have been so thankful for Heather taking on the role of secretary.  She brings such a balance and a peace to the process of administration and offers leadership in the area of walking out the details.  Along with her husband Jeff, they serve in many capacities when the opportunities arrise.  Both Heather and Jeff help in the sound and media booth and bring a steady reliability to this area.  And, side note, she can cook or bake anything...and well!  

Wanda Pacholok

Church Treasurer

Wanda and her husband Wayne have been in leadership for many years and are longstanding members of ARCF church.  They have helped in youth ministries, janitorial, maintenance, elders and are now in a season of rest.  Wanda took over the treasury position summer 2020 and has taken a huge weight off of the secretarial position and has brought attention and expertise to this area.

Wayne and Wanda have always been known as great givers, safe friends, and steadfast in their faith.  They are known to help in any way they can.  We are grateful for all that Wayne and Wanda do but mostly for who they are to those around them.